Knotpot 4, 2004. Stoneware. Height: 43 cm
Bagatelle 20, Blobjection, 2007. Earthenware. Height: 32 cm
Starshot Implosion 1, 2009. Earthenware, Length: 64 cm
Sweep & Nurbs 1, Three Strings and a Cut, 2009. Earthenware. Height: 146 cm

Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl


Ceramic artist. MA. R.C.A.


My ceramic work follows various distinctive lines: sometimes I work directly with the visual expression of the form itself in purely sculptural pieces or I take my point of departure in the vessel tradition; sometimes I am working with two-dimensional ornamental motifs, f.inst. tile work in different formats. In recent years I have worked intensively at integrating digital expressions in my ceramic work -  in both 2D- and 3D forms, and the computer now constitutes an irreplaceable tool in my art practice.


Please contact me on my mobile number (0045) 2728 5452 or via email:


My own homepage (  is currently under construction and will soon be accessible from this site.


Besides my studio work I teach part-time at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen.